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How To Draw Portraits In Three Quarter View


Dear Drawing Enthusiast

Seeing the face at some degree of a three quarter view is probably the most common way we see the face.

You might be asking what does that mean or you may have never heard of the term “three-quarter view”

A three quarter view is when a subject or images head is slightly turned so that they’re not looking straight. You only see three quarters.

What people love about drawing faces from a three quarter view is that you can feel the depth and shape of the face more than when you are drawing it from the front.

This also presents a few complications in drawing the face.

Don’t Make The Same Mistakes Beginner Artists Do

When drawing from life or even a picture, beginner students do their best to depict the eyes, nose and mouth as they see them.

They tend to forget to first draw the overall construction of the head.

It is like putting the roof on a house before the frames have been put up.

If you think of it like building a house, “building” the head in a portrait drawing requires some crucial knowledge of proportions and measurements.

It sounds difficult in theory but in practice it becomes much easier to understand.

We have teamed up with a professional artist and asked her for her top tips in creating lifelike three-quarter portraits

With 10 video clips and a detailed written PDF will have all the information you need to grasp the concept right the first time.

What Can I Learn To Do With This Course?

Well, the good news is that Drawing Portraits in Three-Quarter View shows you step-by-step how to learn the techniques and the steps involved to create those lifelike drawings from a different angle.

No stone is left unturned and with clear (and fun) instructions on how to utilize your time to make your drawings pop with lifelike features… you’ll learn at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Check out the course outline below….

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Drawing from a three-quarter view is a topic most people don’t realise is a drawing theme.

They lump it in with drawing portraits and don’t realise it is a specialised technique on its own.

There is not much information available on the topic and with this course you get step-by-step instructions to make learning easy without any frustration.

Well, with that said… all set to begin? Grab yourself some supplies and let’s get started!

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